Notice of Agency

  Effective 04/15/2020, the Del Paso Boulevard Partnership has contracted with Sacramento Protective Services (SPS) to provide proactive patrol service and response to any call for service within the District. 


Crimes in progress requiring emergency response should always be reported to law enforcement; SPS should also be contacted for any criminal matters after law enforcement notifications have been made. SPS encourages businesses to call our team for any security issues or safety concerns within the Del Paso Blvd. Partnership. 


The 24-hour SPS Dispatch Center can be reached at (916) 575-9900


When contacting the SPS Dispatch Center, please be prepared to provide the following information:

· You are calling from Del Paso Boulevard Partnership

· Name and address of your business

 · Name and telephone number of the reporting party  

· The security issue or safety concern you are reporting

· A full description of any person(s) involved in the issue (to include sex, race, approx. age, height, build, hair color, hair style, clothing)

 · A full description of any vehicle(s) involved in the issue (to include color, make/model or style, license plate number, any distinguishing characteristics)  

Sacramento Protective Services ability to legally enforce trespassing ordinances on your property requires your business to designate SPS as your limited agent for this purpose. State Law and County/City ordinance state that the person enforcing against trespassing has to be the

“owner, lessee, person lawfully in charge of private property, or the agent thereof.”


In order for Sacramento Protective Service to:

· Proactively enforce against trespassing on your property

· Issue official Notices of Trespass to violators

· Arrest subjects for violating an issued Notice of Trespass

You must:

· Provide SPS with a legible, complete, signed Notice of Agency

· Provide SPS with a 24-hour contact phone number for use in emergencies

If you wish for Sacramento Protective Services to proactively address trespassing on your property or to issue and enforce Notice of Trespass documents to violators, please complete the adjoining form and return

it to SPS without delay. 


You may return the form to Sacramento Protective Services by:

· Mail:  3720 Madison Avenue, Ste. 185, No. Highlands, CA 95660

 · Email:

   · Pick-up:  contact SPS Dispatch @ (916) 575-9900 

Sacramento Protective Services is looking forward to working with your business for the continued enhancement of the 

Del Paso Boulevard Partnership.

Notice of Agency Download

SPD Notice of Trespass (DPBP) (pdf)